Comfortable Summer Fabrics & Styles for Work

When it comes to dressing up in the summer, most people feel the need to sacrifice style due to the scorching heat. However, the solution to this problem is quite simple because it’s all in the fabric. Depending on the blend of material you choose to wear this summer, it will make all the difference between staying cool or letting triple digits get you down.

While most of us can wear shorts and dresses off the clock, it’s very difficult to create professional attires that breathe in the heat. Therefore, we created a list of fabrics that you can incorporate into your work wardrobe


Cotton is ideal for summer. Choosing a knit cotton will feel much more bearable in the heat. A knit cotton allows air to pass through due to the interlocking loops when the fabric is stitched. We suggest checking out a few casual knit cotton pants that you can dress up with collared tops. If you prefer woven, try sleeveless cotton woven blouses to wear underneath lightweight blazers and cardigans or wear it by itself with ankle pants.


Linen is another great pick for summer as this natural fabric not only allows air to circulate to the skin but absorbs perspiration. Try a tie-waist or a cotton blend linen skirt to stay refreshed during business hours.


Although rayon undergoes a synthetic process, the textile comes from the cellulose of wood pulps which is then chemically converted to wearable material. Rayon blends are common amongst dresses and tops. Opt-in for a short sleeve to ¾ shirt dress to change up your casual Fridays.

Blended Basics

If you don’t mind a little polyester, then I suggest going for blended fabrics as these are very low maintenance and chances are you won’t have to spend much time ironing. A short sleeve collared top with a blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester will go a long way this season.

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